August 10, 2014

Today I went to visit Leeza.  I told her about my story on How it all began. . .  She understood my point of view and was eager to learn what she can do to get out of being homeless.  I also listened to part of her story on how she became homeless.  I will update on the complete story next time I see her.

I told her of my ideas in helping her starts with her being more confident in herself.  That she must work hard to get out of being homeless.  I’ve learned that her dreams before was to become a kindergarten art teacher.  She showed me some of her art work which was pretty good for someone in her situation.  So I told her that we should focus on her artistic talents.  I told her that I would get her some art supplies so that she can use her talents in drawing to create products that she in turn can sell or give to people that donates to her in the streets.  We also talked about some ideas on how to stretch her money usages.

I got her a moleskine journal for her to write her thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc.  I will update the site periodically with her journal entries.   I also got her some daily use supplies like wet napkins, vitamins, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.  Also got her some color pencils, sharpener and eraser for her to future her artistic mind.  And of course helped her out with $40.

During the time we talked, there were 2 other people that came and helped Leeza out.  One guy donated $1.  And another lady that was doing promotional stuff in West Elm came out and gave Leeza some promotional foods and such.

It’s a fulfilling feeling when helping people out.

Also my friend Angelica helped out in taking pictures:


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