August 24, 2014

Such a wonderful day outside today.  The weather is perfect!

I went and met up with Leeza around 11am and asked if she had lunch yet.  She said no then I asked what she would like to eat.  And of course she said sushi!  I went to Wholefoods at Columbus Circle to get her some sushi and a coconut drink.  Also got her a box of energy bar just for her to keep for emergencies.  Also gave her $80 this time around since she wanted to do some laundry too.

IMG_1037 (Copy)


Today I also go to check on her “homework” that I left for her to do the last time.  As you might have recalled, last time I gave her a journal for her to write in it.  I wasn’t expecting much written in it but I was totally surprised when she showed me.  She wrote 20 pages!  Pretty impressive and definitely more than expected.  I believe she really has the determination to be better.  I hope so too.  Each time I give her something to do is actually a test to gauge how determined she is and what she can or cannot achieve.  So far she’s passing them with flying colors.

On the inside cover of the journal, I taped on a nice inspirational passage which helped me through my own tough time.  I also included the first photo I ever took of her.  I also left a space for another photo which I hope will be of her off the streets and be a professional and successful woman!  Of course I blanked out her last name and number for her privacy.

IMG_1038 (Copy)

Leeza’s Journal entries can be seen from the menu above.

I also added Road To Success on the menu up top so you can see each step and reason behind it that I’m taking in helping Leeza.

I also got her blank card stock and asked her to do some drawings on them.  I also ordered some stickers with this website address on it so that she can stick it behind the card.  What I wanted her to do is for her to give those out to people that donate to her on the streets.  It will train her to not just take handouts.  Gives her something to do and also something to give back for those that helped her.  Plus it will also promote this website to get the word out.  I also go her a plastic art box to store all her work in so it won’t get wet when it rains.

I also checked out some of her art drawings.
IMG_1077 (Copy) IMG_1078 (Copy) IMG_1079 (Copy) IMG_1080 (Copy) IMG_1081 (Copy) IMG_1082 (Copy) IMG_1083 (Copy)


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