Thank you for visiting the donations page.  We gladly accept any donations in moderation.  The whole purpose of this whole idea of helping Leeza is just to give her a helping hand.  I want her to have the desire and strength to get herself back together.  So small donations are great because I don’t want her to be fully reliant on donations.  I just want something that would cheer her up once in awhile.

And if you’re ever by the Lincoln Center area and see her.  Why not go up to her, say hi and give some words of encouragement!  She’s usually on Broadway between 61st and 66th Street.  She usually sits on the east side of the street.  If you’re donating directly to her then please talk to her and mention about this website so she knows that there are people reading up on her!

What we’re looking for:

1) Small money donations

2) Books – I would suggest inspirational books, art related books or even a best seller once in awhile.

3) Ideas in helping Leeza – I would appreciate any suggestions and ideas that would benefit Leeza.

4) Clothes – Leeza is a small in shirts and size 5-7 in pants.

5) Shoes – Size 8.5-9 shoes.  Nothing fancy.  Just need to be durable and comfortable.

6) Daily use items (wet-wipes, toothbrush / toothpaste, vitamins, etc.)

If you like to donate then please use the Contact Us page.