Meet Jackie

Who am I?  No, I’m not talking about that Jackie Chan movie.  But seriously, I’m Jackie Cheng.

I was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Australia.  My foundation of my lifestyle has been set when growing up in Australia.  I’m the easy going, trusting of other’s and loving type of person.  I’m an only child that grew up in a loving family and was taught to be honest and be kind to others.  And that’s how I am now.

Life has its ups and downs.  Ups being that I have wonderful parents, my businesses are successful and I enjoy who I am, as an individual.  Downs being I’m a workaholic, lonely and sad inside.

I started this site to help Leeza when I found myself at a crossroads. I wanted to show people that we are all capable of caring for each other, even if we’re strangers.  You can read more about it on How it all began . . .

Leeza was different.  Her attitude was honest and pure for a homeless person.  I saw potential in her.  I saw that she can change and be the better person she has dreamed about.  That’s why my goal is to get her back on her feet and fulfill her dreams.  And the only thing she has to promise to do when she succeed is to pay-it-forward to another homeless that she sees as potential to be greater.