Road To Success

After getting to know Leeza a bit better, I’ve decided to lay out this path for her to take.  My decision in the path takes into account many variables but ultimately it should lead to success when Leeza puts her heart into it.

The ultimate goal is to have Leeza be off the streets, have a job and lead a successful life.  And in turn, I hope she will do the same to less fortunate.  Pay-it-forward homeless edition.  It won’t happen overnight but I’m sure she has the will to achieve this goal.

I give Leeza a challenge each time I visit her.  It’s usually someone simple for her to accomplish each time so that she can build up her confidence in herself.  It will also show me how determined she is in trying to better herself.  Each step is unique in its own way which I’ll describe in the following timeline.

April 6, 2014 – This is the first time I ever met Leeza and she has already surprised me with reading that book.  You can read all about it in How It All Began. . .

April to July 2014 – I’ve helped Leeza on occasions by giving her food and money.  She still always reading books or doing puzzles.  Keeping her mind sharp is always a good sign.

July 27, 2014 – Took my time today to really talk to Leeza.  Told her of my intentions and she was excited that someone is willing to help her.  Her genuine reaction won me over and that’s when I decided to start this website.  Gave her a book, money and my number.  Got a text from her the next day saying thank you for everything.  We’ve been in contact ever since.

Phase 1 – Determination / Dedication – Passed

August 10, 2014 – Got her a journal and art supplies.  Gave her “homework” to do.  Asked her to write about her thoughts and feelings in her journal so I can post them online.  Also asked her to do more art work since we’re going to target that side of her skills.

August 24, 2014 – She got her journal done!  20 pages!  Very impressive.  Wasn’t expecting that much.  Got her blank card stock, motivational book and art storage box.  Gave her “homework” again.  Asked her to do a better A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way logo and also draw little drawings on the card stock to give out to people that help her on the streets.  This is to test if she is willing to take her time in actually doing something and that she is willing to give it away.

Phase 2 – Honesty / Skillful – Passed

August 31, 2014 – Coming soon